Zero Touch

An Opportunity for Agencies, Consultants,

Marketers and Freelancers

Sell a Much Needed Solution to Local Clients Effortlessly for Monthly Profits & Help them Save their Business from the Wrath of COVID 19

Local Businesses will beg you to sell them this solution and you will be a Hero while making Monthly Profits,
Watch this video below to completely understand the Golden Opportunity


  • Get a Complete Contactless Local Business management Solution
  • Commercial License: Make stores for yourself or sell them to Clients
  • Sell it at a Retainer and keep 100% of the Profits
  • Fully Hosted on Cloud, Nothing to Download, Nothing to Install
  • Help Local Businesses Revive while banking Monthly Profits

Get ZeroTouch Agency For a One-Time Payment!


It’s an established fact, that due to Pandemic (Covid-19), Local Businesses are struggling to Survive.

The World is in Chaos and Social Distancing has become the new order of Life.

Local Businesses have to do everything in their power to provide a Safe in-Store Environment for the Customers to transact and avail their products or services.

The Local Businesses situation is so critical that they are willing to spend any amount of money to get the Trust of the Customers with regards to New Safety Norms.

Here is a Big Opportunity for Marketers, Agencies, Freelancers and Consultants to suggest a Viable Solution to help Local Businesses to win Customers Back.

A solution designed to make the Entire In-Store Experience to the best of Safety Norms which will win back the Customer Trust for better FootFalls and More Revenue.

Wouldn’t it be great to help them and their families, while making a monthly income by selling them exactly what they need to survive?

Imagine a Contactless solution that lets customer check-in, place order, make payment and collect their orders with literally zero touch.

No Queues, No Touch, No Waiting.

And everything happens right from their Mobile.

We have developed the fully powered Enterprise level Contactless Business suite to help revive the Local Businesses.

And you can benefit from recommending this to Local Businesses and make profits Month after Month, wouldn’t that be something exciting?


Zero Touch – A Contactless In-Store Business Management Suite which can be used by Local Businesses enabling them to:

  • Get More Confidence and Enhanced Trust in eyes of Customer
  • Minimize Customer Contact
  • Ensure Business Revival and Growth while staying compliant
  • Get Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Process Orders without any Queues
  • Collect Contactless Payments with the Power of a Simple Barcode

ZeroTouch is the Revival of Local Businesses.

It works in 3 Simple Steps:

  • The customer scans the Barcode
  • Customer Orders the Items
  • The Item is Delivered to Customer
Check How Easy it is to Setup
ZeroTouch for any Local Business:


Get ZeroTouch Agency For a One-Time Payment!


Plus We’re Even Offering You The Essentials as Bonuses To Make sure you Crack clients and Retain them to make it a Complete NoBrainer Deal for you (Hand Crafted by our Marketing Team)

Bonus #1 Marketing Guerilla

Guerrilla marketing mini hacks for local businesses for helping Local Clients flourish during Covid 19

Bonus #2 PRO Retainer Secrets

Learn the secrets to retaining more agency clients during the worst pandemics.

Bonus #3 Testimonial Scraper

Best practices to collect testimonials and build social proof for marketing agencies.

Bonus #4 Coupon King

A coupon marketing guide to promote digital payments and increase pre-orders.

Bonus #5 Campaign Improviser

Modify marketing campaigns to build trust and increase footfalls.

Get ZeroTouch Agency For a One-Time Payment!

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