Alexa 101

Ever heard of Alexa Flash Briefings?

Flash briefings are short, informative pieces of recorded audio containing news, tips, advice, round ups or how to information on any topic.

Simply ask “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings” and your device will play your flash briefings while you’re waking up, having breakfast, taking a shower, or relaxing at home…without reading blogs, emails, social media or running Google searches!

What if you could create your own Flash Briefings and have new listeners (and your current audience) find them in the Alexa App?

alexa 101

In just hours from now, you and your agency clients could be reaching a brand new audience through their smart speakers for free…

With your own Alexa channel and Flash Briefing Skills in the Alexa store, people can add it to their device and start receiving your audio content in just hours from now.

“Welcome back, I’ve got a hot tip for getting your website into Google’s local business listings today…”
“Today’s positivity challenge… you’re not allowed to say the words “I can’t.” Instead, you must replace them with “I’ll try my best” or “That sounds like a challenge.” Good luck and remember to visit our website for more tips at…”
“Here’s a great workout you can try today… it’s perfect for developing the upper abs… first, you need to grab…”
“Here’s this week’s real estate round up for New York. See what homes sold for and listen to our top tips for getting the highest asking price for your property…”

Yes, any business globally or locally can
profit easily with Flash Briefings!


1000 listeners a day without any advertising…

The 30 Second Money Tip is a Flash Briefing Skill that previously failed to generate leads as a Podcast and blog. But, it got 100,000 downloads in its first 8 months as a Flash Briefing Skill…

reaching 1000 people a day, in their homes, on autopilot!

In the past, you’d have to pay BUCKETS of cash to reach this number of people on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Instagram each day.

It would take you months to build an email list of 1000 people and only 20% of them would even open your emails!

And how many years would it take to vlog and blog to reach 1000 people a day today?

This is uncharted territory and a goldmine for those who act fast.

And that’s just one example out of thousands…

Daniel Hill went from 0 to 4,860 Subscribers in 45 Days with a Flash Briefings…

Gary Leland increased his 4 Minutes Cryto viewership 20% in just one month thanks to Flash Briefings…

And there are tons more that failed as vlogs, podcasts, blogs and are now
thriving on Amazon Alexa!

There’s just one catch…

Creating and updating your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings is hard work.

It requires hundreds of steps and serious coding skills.

But not anymore.

We’ve developed a groundbreaking cloud based app to quickly and easily create and publish your Flash Briefings to Alexa with no coding skills needed.



Your rapid shortcut to creating and publishing traffic-getting, sales-creating Alexa Flash Briefings…

… without any coding, ever!

Skilexa is a cloud app that allows you to build an audience using Alexa
faster and easier than ever, with zero coding.

alexa 101

Reach millions of Alexa users and sell your services to local businesses in a few simple steps…

Skilexa Features Include:

Create Alexa Flash Briefings in Just
a Few Clicks

Create text-based or audio Alexa Flash Briefings with just a few clicks and schedule them to your Amazon Alexa for customers to find and engage with.

Create Alexa Podcast Briefings in Minutes

You can also connect an RSS feed of your podcast to syndicate your podcast episodes straight to your Alexa channel in just minutes to reach a whole new audience with no extra work needed.

Schedule Briefings in the Future to Send
to Amazon

Batch and schedule your briefings 30 days in advance with Skilexa. This will save tons of time from having to log in every day if you want to put out daily flash Briefings. Schedule an entire months worth of Alexa content in just minutes now.

Commercial Rights to Sell to Clients

Stop peddling the same boring local services and sell something fresh that’s working great. Create a daily Flash Briefings for local ‘brick & mortar’ businesses like daily auto news, tips, and deals for a car dealership, or weight loss tips briefing for an online business that sells Paleo Diet eBook for example. The opportunities to profit are endless.

alexa 101

Built-in Audio Recorder

Record your Flash Briefing right there inside Skilexa saving hours of time importing the file. Knock out entire months worth in a few minutes, then sit back and relax as new leads come to your site all month from Alexa.

Amazon S3 Resource Library

Import any audio files you want to use as a Flash Briefing from any of your buckets inside Amazon S3 with the Skilexa’s Amazon S3 Resource Library.

Skilexa Content Generator

Pull content from your blog to Skilexa to use as a text briefing from right inside the app saving hours of time.

Custom Interaction Skills

Create Custom Interaction Skills which are just like Flash Briefing skills, only with the ability for listeners to interact back and worth with the Alexa device.

alexa 101

Cloud Audio Library

Upload any recording and store them in the Skilexa cloud audio library. These audios can be pulled into Flash Briefings in a click.

Grab your Skilexa license today before
we close the doors!

Can I be honest?

If you still not convinced to invest in this untapped, guaranteed traffic app then maybe you’re in the wrong business.

Because for smart marketers, for local business owners, for agencies who want to add an extra $100k to their income this year…

they already know that Skilexa is going to be an investment that pays for itself.

The question is, will you join them or will you let indecision force you to miss out?

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I hate to put the pressure on, but this could be your only chance to grab this license before all of this gets taken away…

along with your golden opportunity to rake in free traffic, leads and buyers from Amazon’s millions of Alexa users without coding!

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